Welcome to Radiant Body Yoga

Come join us in a lifelong pursuit of excellence, truth, connection and joy.


Radiant Body Yoga (RBY) is focused on sharing ancient yogic philosophy, and practices to those interested in self-inquiry, personal growth, the establishment of presence, and an ongoing commitment to expose and experience a deeper truth.

We offer 200-Hr, and 300-Hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, immersive retreat experiences, yoga and healthy living workshops, food cleanse journeys and yoga teacher mentorship.

Radiant Body Yoga has all the essential elements needed to lead a person from stuck-ness on any level to expansion, healing and personal power.

The key ingredients within the Radiant Body Yoga practice are physical postures (asana) to keep the body fit, toned and flexible. Specific sequences (kriyas) that unlock stuck energy and shift the frequency of the practitioner. Breath techniques to build more energy and vitality. Meditation techniques that work to calm and focus the mind, and lifestyle tips to help sustain a high vibe and attract opportunity.

Kia Miller is a world renowned yoga teacher, writer, philosopher, lover of life & founder of Radiant Body Yoga. Her mission is to educate and inspire, to share techniques and experiences that help you to unlock your hidden potential and thrive in life. Through her abundant training and uplifting classes on GLO, she positively transforms the lives of all yogis she encounters.

"I teach because the practices of yoga have positively transformed me at every level and thousands of my students echo the same."

Why Join?

The purpose of this community is to serve as a connection point for students of RBY, a place for inspiration, further learning, group practice and sharing.

Whether you are a student, or teacher, our intention is to continue to inspire you to greatness, to keep developing your practice, and to have support along the way. 

Each of you are like stars in the greater constellation. You all hold the light and can be the light for so many along this path of evolution.